Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Castles and Comics

Hello everyone, a little shameless self promotion this week. I will be attending Caerphilly Comic Con this weekend. It's shaping up to be an awesome event and what's more it will be Caerphilly's FIRST comic con! I'll be there with my usual bundle of stuff as will Kev from Deadstar, Kathryne Mills and several other talented Comic Con buddies of mine. (There will also be plenty of talented people there who aren't buddies of mine, but they deserve a plug too)

Caerphilly Comic-Con

I will be bringing more finished work from the up-coming Age of Savagery project which is really gaining momentum as the deadlines draw in. If anyone fancies submitting something for this anthology, Kev and I are still accepting submissions until the end of the month. All the details can be found HERE so if you want to get in on something really cool then now is the time. Here's another sneaky peek at what I've been doing.

Also, coming up next month, Cardiff Indy Comic Expo will be back, so if you don't make it to Caerphilly, then hopefully I'll see you in Cardiff.

More art and minis next time, promise.

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