Wednesday, 14 June 2017

"To The King!"

Caerphilly Comic Con's debut event was a phenomenal success. So many people turned up and it was a fun day out for the families that exceeded everyone's expectations. I got to say, I've never attended a Comic Con which was aimed as "Family Friendly". This isn't a negative term, it's just my usual range of con attendees are early teens and up. But Caerphilly Con was a different atmosphere altogether. The local council and the schools had all been invited to get involved with costume contests for their own made-up super heroes. It was a unique event that had so much imagination and joy on show, I can not recommend this con enough to any families out there.

Now back to our original programming. Once again the ol' sculpting pin has come out to work and this time I'm steering away from the rank and file. Following the command figures I sculpted a month ago...

I've been requested to work on some proper leaders for the Dwarf army. A bit of sketching and some back and forth with Mark at CPmodels and I've began work on some Dwarf Royalty.

Of course this is the Grinning Loon project and I feel the Goblin nation has been somewhat under represented of late. So for your enjoyment, MORE GOBLINS!!!!!

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