Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Something Fun For A Change

The past few weeks have seen me carrying a lot of pressure. I've been dealing with real life stress and nonsense and that was followed by all the other arty based nonsense that you guys normally get to see. So I managed to find some time over the last few days to sit back and do something for myself.

GW released the stand alone rules for Shadow War recently and I'm a big fan of old school Necromunda. Rather than just dig out an old Necro gang or re-purpose my Orks I decided to build a dedicated Kill-Team. These little squad sized games are great opportunities to put a lot of character into just a few models. For my Kill-Team I looked to a recent purchase from my trusty local flea market (God bless Splott Market. As long as you don't ask too many questions you can find anything)

The whole box of marines had two dreads and a whole biscuit tin of paints and it only cost me a tenner. I passed the dreads onto a mate and the rest of the box has gone straight into the grinder. Between the core materials and my bits-box I had a lethal five man Kill-Team ready for painting. I decided to go with a Chaos Marine team from the Night Lords chapter; the kings of shadow warfare.

The idea behind the look of the team is a gang of scavengers. These boys have been behind enemy lines for a while now and most of their kit is either re-purposed or stolen form enemies. At this stage they look overly hodge-podge, but the painting will solve that problem.

I've also been mucking about on Photoshop. It's been a while since I've had a proper play about. The over all image is very dark, but I'm happy with the atmosphere it gives off.

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