Sunday, 21 May 2017

Beasts of Shadow War (cont)

With Orks riding high on their early success, the Scouts decide to take revenge and stage an ambush. The majority of the Ork squad formed up in the centre of the shanty town, then the Scouts took up concealed positions on the southern board edge.

Additionally, the Scouts had sold off their hard earned promethium cache from the last mission to enlist the help of a specialist: A Deathwatch Veteran, Brother Captain Doakes

Against the Orks' greater numbers, it was up to the Scouts to learn from their last encounter and keep the greenskins pinned before they could do any damage. There was just one problem, Gortankk had found the Scouts first.

Shocked at the sudden arrival of the Ork leader breathing down his neck, Bjern and his fellow Scout struck first. A Ork yoof was quickly put down, but Gortankk could afford the bodies at this stage. He was eager to repay Bjern for the plasma scars he suffered in the last mission.

The other Scouts made their presence felt against the bulk of the Ork force, raining death from behind the scaffolding. Caught in the open, the Ork response was slow to gain any momentum. Even the support fire given from the heavy shoota wasn't enough to inspire the Orks to charge. Mostly likely since the Ork gunner had taken down as many of their own number as he had enemy targets. furthermore, the heavy weapon ran out of ammo there and then, leaving the Orks caught between the Scout sniper and the lethal bolter rounds of Captain Doakes.

Elsewhere, the grudge match of the age was taking place as Gortankk squared off in single combat against Bjern. The Scout Sergeant was a skilled fighter, but it was the brutality of the Ork Kaptain that won in the end.  With the Bjern out of action at the hand of the Ork Leader, the nearby Scout went into over drive! facing off against the surviving Ork boy and the Gortankk himself. Trading minor blows against the two brutal aliens, the loan Scout sought to defend his fallen Sergeant and himself, but it was to no avail. The Heroic Scout was cut down in his turn and the Orks turned their attention to remaining Scouts hiding amidst the scaffolding.

By now the Orks had managed to get themselves rild up enough to force a charge. The sudden burst of enthusiasm and stray bullets caught the Scout sniper off guard, taking  round to the head, the last sight the sniper saw was an Ork axe aimed at his neck. Captain Doakes had seen the fall of Bjern and assumed control of the mission. With the majority of the Orks converging on the snipers position and unlikely to pursue, he ordered a withdrawal. Once again the Orks had claimed vistory, but this time they had claimed a prize.

The Scout sergeant survived his injuries, but would not be able to lead a mission for a while. In his stead, the Scouts offered up their only promethium cache to secure Captain Doakes to lead the next mission. The Scouts had been badly mauled by the death of their sniper, but another member of their team was unaccounted for.

The Orks fared better, claiming another two promethium caches and the victory, but the real cause for celebration was the trophy. The feisty Scout who had put up a good fight against the Ork Kaptain had been captured. What's more, that same Scout was responsible for the grenade that cost an Ork an arm. Needless to say that the Scout's time in the care of the Orks was far from pleasant.

Tooled up and ready to save their comrade, the Scouts set up along the North of the Ork encampment. Not expecting too much from the twice-battered Scouts, the Orks took a leisurely approach to sentry duty.

Remaining hidden on the approach, Doakes would be taking  a huge risk in dispatching the Ork yoof that wandered past his position. The Orks were spread out and would be slow to form  a threatening response, his decision could mean a successful rescue or cost more lives. He pulled the trigger and the Ork dropped. The few seconds that followed were tense. The silencer had been a wise investment on his part, but with the Ork going out of action in a single shot, the remaining Orks were none the wiser.

The Scouts good fortune held for several minutes more. Just enough time to get into position to catch the Orks in a crossfire. With a shouted warning and a flash of plasma weaponry, the Ork warning sirens came to life.

Doakes had played the Orks perfectly. Attacked on two fronts and spread too thin to mount a decent counter-attack, the Orks had failed to hold any ground. A few returned shots had injured a Scout, but the Orks had paid for every transgression over the last few missions.

As the dust settled, the Scouts entered the Ork encampment to find it deserted. The Orks had fled, leaving their captive behind. The Scout, Agnar, was badly hurt and missing most of his teeth, but he would live to fight another day.

Having fled, the Orks had to forfeit a promethium cache from their lost territory, though this was quickly replenished by new surroundings. Ork injuries were nothing the docs couldn't fix up, though there would be a few with serious anger management issues in the future. After losing the third mission, the Orks ended the campaign with a total of three promethium caches.
The Scouts took their well earned victory with typical gusto. The mourned the loss of their sniper, but celebrated the rescue of the their brother Agnar. Also, the capture of the Ork encampment had heralded further success in the form of FOUR promethium caches. One from the Orks and three from a successful mission, leaving the Space Wolf Scouts as the 4-3 winner for the evening.

Well done to Gaz for the games. We've decided to keep the rosters for the Kill Teams and use them in the future. We'll be continuing this little saga as it progresses.

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