Monday, 8 May 2017

Commanding Stature

I've been posting a few pictures of these lads and lasses on the Twitter and the responses have been very promising. A big thanks to Phil Hynes and Annie of Bad Squiddo Games for the advice and in put on sculpting in general. You guys have made these little vanity projects possible. Also massive thanks to Mark at CPModels again for taking this new batch off my hands before the last patch of green-stuff has even set.

That's the credits done, on to the sculpts themselves. A dwarfish command to lead the troopers finished back in March.

Mark made mention that the Captains looked a bit unremarkable next to the rank-and-file so I added a crest to the helmets. I like it and fancy doing a similar thing to the next batch of dwarf minis I do.

I'll try and actually get a set of these dwarves I spent so long making actually painted and onto the gaming table. I just have other things to get finished first.

Leave a comment, any constructive criticism is welcome, be it about the design or even advice on sculpting. I'm still kind of new at it.

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