Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Took a while. but the little beardy blighters are done. Fully armed and ready to take on what ever gribbly monster the fantasy realms have to throw at them. Below is a montage of the concept-to-completion for one of the little guys.

Between these and the goblins I sculpted last year, I'm really pleased with the out come. The goblins were an experiment to see what I could do sculpting at 28mm scale. The dwarves were an attempt at sculpting something more human. The goblins were all sharp, untidy armour and rags with equally slapdash features and weapons. The dwarves in comparison are the complete opposite; straight edges and neat corners on everything. to say nothing of the facial features. It was a long winded project, but it was fun all the same.

 As ever thoughts and comments are welcome. Any thoughts on what I should try next? for now though, I think I'll go back to some drawing. I've been putting off the comics for far too long.

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