Wednesday, 4 January 2017

....And We Are BACK!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to your regular programming. First thing, excuses and pleads then straight onto important stuff. (you know, Xmas swag). Christmas is a busy time in work for me and there is no way around it. what little time there was for hobby or even commissions was squeezed into breaks or around general Christmas stuff so I can only apologize for the lack of updates

So, before December got into full swing and I ended up living in my place of work for what felt like the whole month, I posted up a picture of this little fellow.

Now, my plans haven't changed, but unfortunately, December being what it is in regards to postage and people doing shopping/partying/family/etc it has delayed me until recently from doing any more work on him. Thankfully I have the molds and have finally set aside time to learn the casting process enough to suit my needs, so I should be back on track with sculpting in about a fortnight or so. Considering I wanted to start sculpting now and have the casts done before New Years, I'll settle for what I can get right now.

Next up, Blood Bowl came out and I got me a shiny new copy for Christmas. I still want to paint up my all girl dwarf team (since named The Brewery Maidens) as I sculpted the mech pilot back in November and it would be a shame to let her story end there. So here's a quick WIP shot.

Not too clear I know, but give me time. As the box came with the new orc and human teams, they've also been added to the painting roster. I don't have a painted orc team so that's nothing new for me, but I do have a converted human team that's seen some league play over the years. So it is with some sense of loss that I retire the Townhill Titans 2014 team, pictured below along with their most up to-date roster. (I included the roster for the benefit of a few friends who may enjoy a laugh)

I shall have a few more bits to show off in the coming month and there will be plenty of battle reports, comic cons, art work and all the usual stuff that you've come to expect from this eclectic mess of a blog through out the year so I shall end with Happy New Year from Dave P (aka The Grinning Loon)

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