Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ride Free Into Valhalla!!!

Hey every body. I figured after the last post I'd follow with a showcase of my ork army. This is by no means everything that I've built and painted for this army, but it's been a long project that had it's humble beginnings last year when Mad Max: Fury Road was released in cinemas. Now, I was familiar with Mad Max 2, but Fury Road was something else. A true cinematic spectacle! So I dug out my old copy of Gorkamorka and a big old box of ork parts that I'd been hoarding over the last few years aaaaaaannnd... went... a bit... nuts.....

 I started with two gangs and a few vehicles just to get a few games down Firestorm and try and recapture some of the cinematic hype.

Well, after everyone else saw the film I didn't need to do much convincing to get a few people on board for a short narrative campaign. A few people who were interested were not too sure about forking out cash for ork models so I kindly offered to loan them a gang. By this stage I had built six different mobs and matching vehicles.

By this stage there was no stopping me.

And you really couldn't. If Mad Max could have a Doof Wagon, SO COULD I!!! But mine would be better.

In addition to a four piece rock band I decided to add some real ROCK to to Megadoof Wagon. It took a little creative hack saw work and some foul language, but I can honestly say that The Megadoof Wagon does indeed mount a fully working blu-tooth speaker (though it recently lost some cool factor after someone hi-jacked the signal and started playing One Direction)

 So there you have it. George Miller has a lot to answer for. After the Gorkamorka games I had almost everything for a 40k army, all I needed was the rules and a suitable Warboss.

DONE! Warboss Guldreg Spark-Eye Mad-Top the Iron Mad-Ork.

This project has continued on and off for a while as the previous battle reports will show and I'm hoping to take it back to it's Gorkamorka roots sometime in the future, but for now I've got some scenery to build and a few new units to plan for my rematch with Gaz next year. For now, here's a sneaky peek at the fort I'm building for when Gorkamorka returns.

Until next time, RIDE SHINY AND CHROME!!

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