Friday, 6 January 2017

Dwarfs Are Cursed! Cursed I Tell You!

A quick update and some general ramblings for you today. I managed to try out the new mold at last and got my first cast. Not a bad effort and good enough for my purposes.

A shame the second cast was a total bodged job. Between the cold, my inexperience and just general lack of attention span I now currently have a mold filled with what I can only describe as grey cake mix. I now have to clean the mold to get it back in play, but this potentially sets me back by another week, maybe more. I'm beginning to think that this whole dwarf project is hexed or something as every turn has hit some kind of delay. Who knows, I may get them finished in the end...2018 if I work really hard.

On the brighter side of things, I've still been working on my Ork Fort and a few more models for my 40K army. I still have that rematch with Gaz later this month so I've got to get some new toy ready for that.

Below are quite possibly my favourite models from GW: the Ork Kommando Mob. there is just so much character in these guys and the Boss just has loads of details that made him a joy to paint.

Until next time. (hopefully with some more dwarf progress)

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