Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Stylish Beards and Monstrous Concepts

Well my first Comic con of the year is done and a fun time was had by all. A big thanks to the organizers who never seemed to stop moving for a second and also to my colleagues and new found found friends on the traders stand for keeping me laughing. I'm looking forward to the next Geek I-Con.

During the down time between my last post, I've been busy with redecorating the Grinning Loon Central, but the Dwarf mold and casts still underway at the casters, it seemed a good a time as any. I should have a batch to begin work on in the next few days and then I'll start posting my progress, but for now I've some more concept art to keep the project alive.

First up, they wouldn't be fantasy Dwarfs without beards so I've been doing some hair designs for them and the lady Dwarfs as well. Mostly, I've been looking to viking hair styles and of course the Lord of the Rings for inspiration.

I'll be playing around a bit more with styles and braids when I get sculpting but my plans are out stripping my progress right now. Whilst I'm working on the dwarfs I've decided to use any leftover putty as I go to build the armature for something bigger

 Much bigger. I've been reading the Sillmarillion (listening to audio book because I'm lazy) of late and I've got the itch to revisit my orcs and goblin sculpts from last year and provide for them a new friend. The troll is a long term project that isn't likely to see completion for some time, but I thought people would like to see what I have in mind at this early stage.

That's all for now.

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