Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Loon at CFCC

The Halloween weekend will be a hell of spectical for costumes and treats of all sorts. I've been busy this week putting the last few touchs in place for my costume and getting ready for CFCC at Motorpoint arena. Should be a good weekend as I'll be selling comic, eating cookies and rocking out for the first time at a comic con in costume. I also just got these in the post today, ready for sale and to continue spreading my gaming ego throughout the world!

On a related note, the Chaos spawn I've been working on is nearly done. The sculpting is finished, now it's on to painting him and the rest of his freakish mates.

In addition, I've also started work on a little minion for a suitably huge warrior lord, He still needs an oversised backpack to complete the look. I figured this guy would just drag his master's spare war gear about and grovel occasionally.

And finally for this week, a War Pigeon (giant eagle) This is for our continuing Lord of the Rings campaign down Firestorm Games, though I've had to make a fair bit of repair work. The model was part of a junk lot at a bring and buy and had had it's head hacked off for a convertion. (I think I was lucky to still have all the parts at that stage) As a result, Ive been resculpting the feathers around it's neck. It's taking a bit of time, but it's new technique so the practice is good. Any flaws should hopefully get covered up once it's painted.

Until next time, Happy Halloween and all that nonsence.

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