Friday, 30 September 2016

Down in Goblin Town

Well the scenery is finished and what better way to try it out than with a game full of goblins and shinanigins. I was really happy with the finished throne piece and the board walks are nothing special, but combine them everything else you get a pretty cool looking table for the escape from Goblin Town mission out of the Hobbit.

Here are a few pictures of the Goblin Town Massive along side the scaffolding I built and the throne.

 As promised, Goblin Town in full swing, complete with Thorin's Company. I'm pleased with this little project as everything except the large, grey rock towers was built and painted by me, so it's something of a long term showcase. On that note, a little bit of background for this game. As per the film, the players are only aloud to run along the board walks and around the rocks as everything else is just a shear drop into the deep. (kind of like a tiny scale game of "The Floor is Lava). Thorin's Company have to grab their weapons from beside the throne and then make their escape. Gandalf will arrive later in the game, but as per Wizard tradition, never late.

Thorin and the boys look ready to kick off.....
 ...Shame there are a few goblins between them and their gear.

 Dwalin makes a play for the weapons stash, bouncing a few goblins off the the platform in the process.

 Despite being fully equiped again, Dwalin takes a beating at the hands of the Goblin King. Very nearly getting thrown off the platform.

 The dwarves make a solid attempt at a breakout, but goblin re-enforcements soon arrive.

 "A Wizard is never late..." BULLS***!
 With Thorin fully tooled up with Orcrist, the Goblin King decides to back off and take on less choppy pray.

 Bifur goes nuts and carves up Goblins like a champion.
  Despite lobbing Gloin and Dori of the platform, the Goblin King soon follows the Dwarfs into the chasm. Four against one seems very unfair to me.

 Gandalf FINALLY catches up to the rest of the company, stopping to chat to the Goblin Scribe along the way. Silly old man with his long winded stories about nothing.
In the end the dwarves failed to get out of goblin town in time and lost three of their number in the process. But if the King can come back from falling off his throne, why can't the rest of them. Until next time.

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