Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Return To (De-)Form

Well now that my annual leave has been spent I think it's about time to get back to work. Whilst away I was free to do some sketches for myself for a change and have since decided to make a start on a new personal modeling project.

This new project will be something of an experiment, a mix of doodled madness and a means to develop my sculpting skills in different areas. The plan, such as it is, is to build an army for Age of Sigmar using only my bits box as the basis for any models. That means every model will either be heavily converted, kit bashed or scratch built from the ground up. With exception of bases and a few raw materials I shall be purchasing nothing new.

The ground work for the army will feature the Warriors of Chaos painted up earlier this month and pictured below.

From here on out though, I'll be limited to using models I already own or are built from odds and ends. As this is a Chaos army I'm going to specialise in mutants and mad men as a theme and build on that. Here are a couple of paintings I did whilst I was away that have acted as both concept art and inspiration for what is to come.

In addition to this grand(ish) annoucement, I've also been working on some scenery. This time I've been hard at work alongside the rest of my goblin brethren building the neccessary architequture to bring Goblin Town out of the Hobbit movie and onto my gaming table. Here are a few work in progress shots for some scaffolding and the Goblin King's throne.

There is currently a shortage of coffee stirrer in my area after building these.

Until next time...

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