Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Now on JUMBOTRON!!!!!

So this weekend is Comic Con Cymru here in Cardiff and as it's alocal event for me I'll be there selling my usual swag consisting of comics and pink robot themed merchendise. Most artist strive to get put in a gallery or have their work published in a book. But that isn't for me! Oh no, I went to the king of distributed media..... JUMBOTRON!

*sniff* It's a proud day for the Grinning Loon Project. No goblin has achieved such lofty hights.

 If you fancy coming along then please do so. All relivent information can be found HERE

Now that I've got the important stuff out of the way I can carry on with my usual pile of waffle. Progress on the Goblin Town scenery continues and following an event in Newport, I have yet more goblins to throw onto the painting table, but more about them another day.

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