Thursday, 15 February 2018

Back to Poking Putty

A bit a WIP update for today's post. I'm still working on the Dwarf heavy infantry and tunnel fighters, but I've made some real progress on them. I'm super happy with the way the armour fits together and the masks. The next step will obviously be to stick the weapons on and sculpt the arms. This is a little new as I plan to do armour plating on the shoulders and with some of these poses I'm worried it'll look off. For now the C&C is always appreciated.

I also found this little guy going cheap on eBay. I love this model, so much character in one place. He was missing his arm (hence the low price tag I assume) but that was no problem for me. This was more of an impulse buy so I'm unsure what I'll actually do with him.

Final update, I managed to finish the last 2 Night Lord marines to make up a squad of ten. I've been having a few split shifts in work so I think I've spent my time wisely.

More pics of these guys and the rest of the growing army in a few days.

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