Friday, 25 August 2017

Midnight Clad

Sorry for the delay in posts this week. The final stages of Age of Savagery are underway with editing and last minute art being pulled together. So it's a stressful time as we are all working to a deadline to have it ready to sell at CFCC later next month.

I have been working on my Night Lords Kill Team for Shadow War over the last month or so. Some may remember the original POST that was showing off the kit bashing session that saw them created. Well now they're finished and I've since added a few extras. Within the realms of the campaign my friends and I have been playing, my Night Lords have been doing quite well, holding their own against Ad-Mech, Genestealer Cult and Space Marine Scouts. Hopefully their luck will hold.

First up the current members of the Kill Team as it stands. A squad of stealthy killers if ever there was.

Next are a few reinforcements, should they be needed.

This guy is my favourite. Every team of villains needs a brute with a chain axe, just for the cool factor.

Finally, I cobbled together two special operatives. A Spawn and a Terminator. I'm really happy with the spawn, he has so much motion and looks really unhealthy. I used a limited palette across the entire Kill Team, but with the spawn I added a little bit of purple to the palette to try and give his armour and flesh that horrible blended look.

That's all for now. I should have more of the Trol finished next time so look forward to seeing that.

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