Friday, 14 April 2017

Many Happy Returns

It's been 1 whole year since the first Grinning Loon post. This blog started out as nothing more than an experiment off the advice of a friend to try and showcase my art and all the various projects I work on. Since then it's been used to highlight all the cool stuff that other people have been kind enough to let me get involved in. So to everyone who gave me work, feedback or even just stopping by at a Con to say hello, thank you. Because of you I've been able to find things to actually post about on a regular basis. Here's to the future of the Grinning Loon Project and all the random tat that comes with it.

Now I've got all that out of the way, on with the fun stuff I've been working on. Very little finished work this time around, but lots of WIP. First are some sneaky peaks at some more dwarfs. The last batch got picked up by CPmodels so keep an eye out for them on their website. Hopefully these new ones will find a home there too.

I've also used the time to practice sculpting blades. best way to practice was to make repairs on a few LOTR models I had. I'm pretty happy with the results and now I'm confident that I can do some cool swords and wot-nots further down the line.

And finally. I've been banging on about the Age of Savagery project for nearly a month now, guess what, I'm still talking about it!

Work continues as usual, but now the pace has really picked up. Several writers and artists have now been in touch and a few have even submitted early drafts of their stories. I was always afraid that this project would struggle to get enough people on board to hit the page count we needed to make print, but initial projections have proven me wrong. The early work that is coming in is fantastic. If you want to be a part of this, or know someone that would, check out the project info and guidelines HERE.

That's all for now. I'll have more soon.

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