Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mean, Green and Smelly VS. Mean, Green and Smelly

The last few weeks have been a fairly solid block of post, either commission or long term project related, I figured this time I would take a break from work and show off some play. So once again it's another 40K Battle Report!!!!
My opponent this time around was Gaz, so a big thanks to him for letting take photos and generally waste time on such nonsense for personal gain. Once again I took my Ork army to the field with all the buggies and fire power I could muster. Gaz brought Plague Demons of Nurgle.... lots of Plague Demons of Nurgle.

The mission we rolled up was pretty straight forward, KILL EVERYTHING! points were awarded for wiping out enemy units with bonus points for first blood, killing the enemy Warlord and having units within enemy deployment zones. A pretty straight forward affair, but I saw myself struggling with this mission. Gaz had the Great wall of Nurgle and could only give up 5 victory points (not including bonus points) where as my army was made up of many small, easily trashed  units. Looks like I was going to have to lay smart for once.... not my strong suit.
Gaz took the direct approach and set everything along his board edge. There was going to be zero subtlety with his first turn, especially since his force was anchored around his Greater Demon, Papa Cankerous the Fetid King!

I had to be careful how I went about this one. Gaz had no shooting to speak of so I wasn't worried about losing too many troops on the way in, but I couldn't afford to get bogged down in close combat as the large mobs of plague demons would quickly overwhelm my forces. My plan was to use the fairly open right flank to rapid re-deployment my truck mounted squads and then leave the heavy weapons to protect the centre. Ideally putting down suppressing fire to split the Demon army in half whilst I pick off a unit at a time.

Gaz had no reserves to speak of, but I still had two squadrons of buggies to come in on the flanks at some point.

The Demons decided not to waste time and began their slow advance forward. Backed up by the Fetid King, the advance looked pretty strong and covered most of the board. The Ork advance was more of a "Slide to the right". The Warboss' tank sped to act as reinforcements to the two truck mobs on the right flank. The mobs in questions, not prepared to wait too long for the boss, advanced up the Demon's flank.

Holding the centre and acting as covering fire for  the Warboss, the Loota squad took up position in the wrecked bunker. It took them time to get their heavy weapons up the stairs it seemed as the opening salvos were less than interesting.  The laughter of the Demon's was quickly cut short with the arrival of the outflanking buggy squadrons.

Despite the superior numbers the Demons were surrounded. Having caught the Plaguebearer unit on the right flank between the guns of the buggy squadron and the advancing truck mobs, it was time to get stuck in. It was a short lived combat. Between the combined fire of the buggies and the ork mobs there were too few Demons remaining to repulse the Ork charge.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, the Lootas decided to go trophy killing. Having Papa Cankerous dead in their sights chortling like a giant green baby, the Lootas had a target too good to pass up. Squeezing the trigger and whooping like loons  the Lootas turned the air to lead. After the smoke had cleared (and the ammo clips had run dry) Papa Cankerous was no more, though his smell lingers on.

With the Fetid King reduced to a greasy smear on the battle field, the Demon Host was left to pick up the pieces near leaderless. Spurred on by the Herald, the central Plague Bearer unit headed for the Ork mobs on the right flank. The Orks had grown complacent in their quick success, but were quickly reminded that the fight was far from over.

Inflicting the Orks with a summoned plague, the Orks became enfeebled and could no longer put out the damage they previously had. What started as a sweeping advance on the right flank had quickly turned into a tar pit of sick Orks and plague demons.

Have gravely underestimated the tenacity of Orks and their ability to shrug off even the dreaded Man-Flu, the Plague Bearers were soon grinded down. This would have been a call for celebration, but the Wasboss had yet to see combat himself. Lucky for him (and every Ork in the vicinity) there were still some Plague Bearers left on the field. They were currently trashing the rocket buggies on the left flank so it was a bit of a trek.

The remaining Demons knew their time was short and decided to inflict as much damage as possible before being sent back to the Warp. Chasing down the rocket buggies had put the Demons in the Warboss' sights and the final fight of the day was about to take place around the burning remains of the Ork vehicles.

The Ork gun buggies raced ahead of the Warboss' transport, but paid for their impetuousness as the Demons charged in to rip the buggies to pieces.

Amongst the plumes of black smoke and piles of mangled metal, the Demons would have cut an impressive and threatening sight, but they were out of their league as the Warboss at last entered the fray.

It was a bloody and brutal combat that just didn't seem to satisfy the Ork General's need for violence. Several of his Ork bodyguards were to pay the price for standing too close it seemed.
IM 33

So once again it was another resounding victory to the Orks. I need to be careful, people will start to think I'm fudging these results. That said, Gaz made his excuses and we agreed that we would meet up in the new year for a rematch. Neither of us knew how the Demon army really worked so we'll have a proper go next time. Gaz will do some reading and I'll get started on some new units for my ever growing collection of green psychopath.

Thanks again to Gaz for being my punching bag and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do when he figures out what his army is capable of.

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