Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Book of Nox

A few of you may remember, a little while a go I was showing off some moody Victorian paintings...

Well, with the UK gaming expo finished this weekend, I've had my gagging order removed and I'm aloud to start showing off again. Commissioned by Chris at Shed Games for his new Victorian themed dungeon crawler, The Book of Nox.

I've been very busy getting everything done, but I can't even imagine the amount of effort and headaches Chris has had to deal with boxing everything up and ready for show, so best of luck to the man and here's hoping for a strong release.

First up, the minis. A nice set of heroes and cultists to start everything off and not too bad as sculpts, either. The poses feel a bit rigid for my taste, but the intention for these was to fit entirely within the 25mm squares that make up the board sections.

I really liked the possessed beasty.
 Finally, the main chunk of the commission. I worked on this with every spare minute I had for what felt like a month, but was in truth only about 2 weeks. Between work and this I was pretty sure I was going to lose either my job, my mind or my site. (I would have also said "social life", but that went years ago) Loosely based on the characters from a popular Victorian horror themed TV show, I've been told the art has been used for the cover of the game's rulebook and the original now has pride of place in Chris's house. If anything here takes your fancy or if you want a cool set of dungeon floor tiles, check out Chris's stuff HERE.

Old school theme painted in traditional methods. Acrylic on paper about A3 big.

Until next time...

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