Thursday, 26 April 2018

Yet More Rambling

This seems to have become a trend of late. Without a dedicated project to work on, I've nothing to update, and what I have been doing can't be shown for..... reasons? Nothing sinister, just my gaming group and I have stuff in the works so I'm keeping it under wraps for now.

That said Age of Savagery, the barbarian anthology that I've been dragging along to the printers for the last six months is finally within spitting distance of completion. (Crossing ALL of the fingers) That will be a great boost to the comic cons I have lined up this year and I'll be shouting out about that in the next few weeks. For now here's a preview of some of the art that's been include. This was originally done as a place holder for art hat was lost. (Computer death), but the original artist that was illustrating the first piece was able to save the it in time! So this was kept around as extra.

I've been scratching away at the 40K and INQ28 itchs too. I picked up some Ork Dreads for my week off, but they've since continued into the next week and probably further.

There's also the never ending stream of random INQ28 ideas that haunt me every time I look at bitz box

So some art, some cobbling and some rambling what sounds like excuses for lack of content. Hmm, maybe there's some sculpting to do......

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