Sunday, 15 April 2018

New Wastelands Redux!

My goodness what a week. I've been busting the last few working days and I'm finally taking a well deserved week off. So what does that mean? Well thankfully it means I can finish of a few projects that have been stuck in limbo for a long while and made a start on others.

Now the BIG update. This project is still early days and I'm glad to have finally made a start at long last. New Wasteland Fairy Tales was my first ever self published work. Back in 2013 when Cardiff's indy comic scene was looking a bit healthier, I initially printed 100 copies for my debut show. I met loads of people and got to talk non-stop about my first issue and come the end of the weekend, I had sold out of the first 100 issues and had the fire and inspiration to carry on my work. Due to costs, the first print run was in black and white. This never detered anyone that bought the comics, but it always bugged me and I promised one day I'd return and release a full coloured product. Now, almost 7 years later, the time has come to get the 3 finished issues I have and put the brushes back to them.

This is the first two pages of Issue 1 fully coloured and ready to go. It's a small start, but I was excited to show these off. If only to show that New Wasteland Fairy Tales as a series limps on. Despite, house moves, job changes and a near ceaseless work load, it still LIMPS ON!!!! For anyone who can't wait to find out about this story, the current issues are available from DEADSTAR PUBLISHING The coloured updates are a loooooooong way off yet, but as always I'll keep people updated.

At the smaller end of the completion spectrum are a few more Grots for my Ork army. Arguably you can never have enough of these li'l guys on the board, but I aim to see if I can prove people wrong in the future.

I've also been saving my pennies and with some time, I've decided to take the plunge and get some proper Ork Dreds. Yeah I have the Kans, but with the success I've been having with them, I'm looking to up my game. eBay has been providing some lucky finds, but my FLGS is going to be providing the bulk of the parts to start scrapping together a number of big stompy robots. I'll update more on those when I have something to show.

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