Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mordheim: Shadow Lore (part1)

So I promised some Mordheim coverage and though it won't be as in-depth as previous campaign posts I will try to cover the highlights. Before we get to the good stuff, let's meet the contenders that showed up to the first night.
These happy faces have already been seen on this blog, but as a quick recap, here's my Warband the Familly Van Strabb.

Next up is Keron's Marienburgers. Bunch of rich kids with too much black powder if you ask me.

Also wandering into the City of the Damned is my old sparring partner Joe and his Reiklanders.
I was unable to get a group photo of these guys at the time. Also floating about somewhere is a forth competitor, Chris and his Undead Warband.

Onto the highlights! Joe and I squared off first. A chance encounter within the ruins forced me to play quite sneaky this time. The Reiklanders had a huge numbers advantage on the Cult as well as longbows so for the first few turns the cult were hugging cover and shadows.

Once the Reiklanders got close enough though, things changed drastically as Gribble began to tear through Reiklanders like paper. One of the Cult's spearmen also got a lucky strike: skewering the Reiklander Captain, killing him outright leaving them leaderless.

Picking himself up from the loss of his Captain, Joe sought to take his anger out on Keron's Marienbergers in an ambush. All started out well with the majority of the Marienbergers elsewhere in the Ruins leaving three loan mercenaries to fend for themselves for a few turns.

Things didn't go as planned for the Reiklanders as they went from attacker to defender in almost no time. The timely arrival of the Marienburger's main force met the Reiklanders in the wider street by the tower and proved that sometimes quality is better than quantity.