Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Gribble Unbound!

So me and my local gaming buddies are heading back to playing some Mordheim this week. It's been a while since we played, but it was always fun to see what Heroes and Villains rose to infamy by the campaigns end. This time around we're using a slightly altered post-battle sequence. Inspired by the rule used in Shadow War, we thought we'd see how the changes worked out under campaign conditions and go from there.

But this post isn't about dry un-tested rules, It's about gribbely monsters and mad men! Onto the Possessed Showcase!

My new Magisteress for the Cult stands out from the crowd. The Story behind this gang, is She is the Beautiful yet cunning matriarch of a lesser noble family. Her prides and ambitions leading to a cult of illegitimate children, enthralled admirers and unsavory consorts. Along with a touch of black magic and human sacrifices, She has remained physically youthful and is constantly one step ahead of the witch hunters.

The rest of the Gang represent her offspring, manipulated lovers and devoted servants. Some kept as members of the rotten house hold, others cast out into the world to infiltrate other noble families or gain positions of influence to further the Magisteress' schemes. Here in Mordheim, they are just soldiers and mad men.

Some members of the gang are worse off than just mad, as the City of Mordheim provides the means for Deamon summoning. Once the sorcery is cast, the family gains new members and powers from beyond the realms of mortals.

Well the Campaign kicks offthis week so I'll be giving a short write up when it's all over. If the altered Campaign rules work out then I'll post them up here as well for anyone else to ty our. Until then...