Saturday, 7 May 2016

Landscaping on a 28mm Scale

Well folks this week has been a lot of rushing around and getting commissions finished with time to spare for the nice weather we had. Now the weather's gone back to it's traditional Welsh ways (rain and lots of it) I have no excuse for staying indoors and doing something practical. More on that in a bit.

First, a long term project of mine that is due a bit of an expansion, my personal gaming table. Only a modest 3'x3' but it's been an absolute joy to work over the last year and I'm looking to expand on the collection of scenery. my next batch will turn this adorable fantasy hamlet into a forgotten ruined city.

 I assure you the skulls are purely decorative. Nothing sinister going on in this house at all.

 Camping in the woods... in a fantasy world.... usually something turns up to eat your party.

And that's the brief tour of the Hamlet of N'Idea. As I said earlier, I'm expanding, so my next lot of scenery will use the same base, but will transform this pretty little dwelling into something muck more my liking. I'll have a few pictures of that as they develop.


  1. Looking good buddy, the tone is carried across everything really well, especially the houses.

  2. Cheers. It's probably the most involved bit of scenery work I've done. I'm looking forward to the next lot.